Monthly Archives: August 2014

Making Progress!

It’s been a while since I posted last and a lot has happened since I went to Heartwood. Though I spent a great deal of the rest of my summer doing vacationy things such as camping, visiting family, swimming in our beautiful Ashfield Lake, and generally relaxing, I have also made some progress on my tiny house project.

After some further development of my floor plans, I decided that I should just go without a bathroom sink altogether. I’ll post a picture of my current plans below. Something I just haven’t been able to figure out is how to get my crowd source site together and working. My dad is good with computer stuff, but he can’t really figure it out either, so I think I’ll end up making a simpler version.

To prepare for the arrival of my trailer, we have been cleaning out our barn! The space is pretty big – big enough to fit the whole trailer with enough ceiling space to at least complete the walls. We recently discovered, however, that once I start building the roof, it won’t be able to fit under the loft that at the opposite end of the barn. My Aunt Sarah, dad, and friend Theo Gabriel have all been a HUGE help through this cleanout process. The barn has been in use as a storage space and a place to dump our trash. We set some of the larger things out on the street, but most of it will be sent to the dump on Sunday — a big shout out to our friend Gregory who volunteered his time and truck to carry three heaping loads of junk to the dump. In the process of clearing stuff out, we found an exterior door that is the perfect size for my tiny house, some sheets of drywall and plywood, and a small wood stove that used to belong to our housemate and will fit perfectly in my tiny house! Besides that, our good friend Sally is a pro dumpster diver and got me a fabulous used casement double window! Windows are something that I’ve heard I should buy in good condition and spend my money on, so I’m very happy with her find.

I also got connected with Eric Kruger, a friend of our good friend Sheila Garrett, who is getting rid of a bunch of reclaimed materials. He used to run a non-profit selling reclaimed materials, but after several years of existence and a change of hands, the non-profit was closing and he was rehired to sell the remaining materials. I drove down to Brattleboro on Tuesday with my dad to meet Eric and check out the things he was selling. Between the GPS, Eric’s written directions, a couple calls to Eric himself, and our intuition, we finally found the little storage area after getting lost three times. Eric arrived shortly after and showed me what was available. What a help he was! He’d built his own house, knew a fair amount about tiny houses himself, and was able to give me some advice as well as pick out the 2x4s and 2x6s that were of good condition. We left an hour later with about 30 2x4s, 30 2x6s and a cute octagonal window that’ll go at the front of my house under the peak, above the entryway. All for less than $100!

Things seem to be coming together and I’m excited to finish the barn and trailer arrangements so that when the trailer finally gets here, I can start building!