Wall number two

On January 19, Martin Luther King day, I had a small building party! I got in touch with Susan Durkee – my advisor from high school who recommended the Heartwood Building School to me and is a fellow tiny house enthusiast – and because Lliam also had school off, he came as well. I spent the two days before sketching up some framing plans for the other three walls so that I would have everything figured out by the time Susan and Lliam arrived.


Though there were a couple of adjustments throughout the day, my sketches made it easy for Susan to make a list of lengths to cut while Lliam and I lay everything out. It was like creating and putting together a puzzle that I made up; I was thrilled when everything fit together.

We decided to tackle the most complicated wall. My parents came out to help as well and we all cruised along building the wall in two halves. For lunch we had a delicious pot of lentil soup that my mom made with locally made bread and cheese.

We were able to finish most of the wall by the time Susan and Lliam left. It ended up being a great day for building – warm compared to every other day I have worked out there. It was the first time I worked without my jacket this winter! It was a lot for one day and I stopped hammering nails when Lliam and Susan took off. Here are some pictures:








And I actually haven’t made much more progress since then. I went back to my plans and realized I should figure out the design for the frame of the roof before I go much farther. I also need to paint the 1/4″ plywood white before I put it on the walls to make them square — I want the inside of my house to be white with the exposed framing left as-is and it’ll be much easier to do that if I don’t have to paint the walls around the framing after it’s already up. Unfortunately that means waiting longer until the walls are up and taking a little bit of another detour. It’s also been so cold that there hasn’t really been anywhere I can paint. Sometimes I worry that I’m missing pieces because I’m designing this whole thing. It all takes patience and confidence. Soon I’ll run some of my plans by one of my expert builders who have offered their advice.

In the meantime, I have taken a break to finish applying to college and for scholarships. Though I still have quite a few more scholarships to go, I am officially done with college applications! There have been many stay-at-home snow days at this point that have given me a chance to relax and get work done.

In other news, my friend Annalise sent me a link to a blog she thought I’d appreciate: trashisfortossers.com. It’s a blog written by a girl who decided to go zero-waste and has been writing about her experience and giving tips for a few years.

Anyway, I have decided to make my own toothpaste and hair care products and generally work towards producing less waste. I made some toothpaste just with baking soda, salt, hazelnut extract, and water. I didn’t have peppermint extract and didn’t put enough hazelnut extract in so it didn’t taste too great. Hopefully my next batch will be better. I also started using baking soda and water for shampoo and vinegar for conditioner. My hair is feeling a lot healthier too. Once I’m living on my own, and am buying my own food, I’ll work more on buying food that doesn’t come in plastic bags and other things that don’t create as much.




Okay, that’s all for now!

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