Balancing Act

There are a lot of pieces that go into building a tiny house. Even though I told myself I’d start planning as soon as school finished (because then I’d have more time), I still haven’t gotten very far and it’s already July 5. The thing is, all of life is a balancing act. While I should be spending a lot of time listing and looking for materials and planning my tiny house, I also need to be working and finding a consistent job so that I can pay for the project. On top of that, I need to dedicate some of my time to my family and help clean the big ol’ farmhouse that we live in, and also have space to maintain my relationships with my friends and with myself. All of these things I see as equally┬áimportant and it is a lot harder than I thought to see the whole picture in my head and map out time for each of them, especially when a lot of it happens spontaneously. It has been hard to follow the schedule I set for myself because of this; It didn’t leave much room for hanging out with friends or going to late night events.

Another tricky thing about planning my tiny house is that I just want to start building! I love using my hands, and I’ve learned that building will be the fun part, not that designing my tiny house isn’t also fun. I know that I won’t have the building without my planning, so I’m working on shifting it towards the top of my to-do list.

On Monday, I’ll start the second part of my learning process: my two week building course! I’ll be taking Comprehensive Homebuilding at The Heartwood School in Washington Mass (the Berkshires) highly recommended by my former adviser, Susan Durkee. I don’t really know how to build yet, so this will give me the skills I need to build my tiny house. I’m getting pretty excited; I got a bunch of new tools for graduation gifts and I’m ready to learn how to use them! (Thank you!)

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on making a list of my needs and wants and designing my house accordingly. I originally wanted the Cypress 18′ because I wanted to go the smallest I possibly could, but more recently I’ve been thinking about the Cypress 20′. It would give me a bit more room and the stuff I’d drawn into my plans was looking pretty cramped in the 18′. The free bathroom sink I found might even still be too big for the 20′, but I hope it’ll fit!

Here’s a picture of my plans so far:

Tiny house interior design

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