Instead of School

As Summer has turned to fall, I have started to develop a weekly schedule. It’s been weird having to put together my own schedule because for the last 13 years of my life I had school and a schedule that others planned for me. Before that I was 5 and didn’t know what a schedule was.

I’ve been working about four days a week making money for my personal needs and for materials, and learning a lot. I work at Ashfield Hardware and Supply twice a week. Though I have had a job there since sixth grade, it feels good to have a consistent schedule that is more than just once a week throughout the summer and fall. I’ve really valued learning how to count back change to customers as I’m running the cash register that doesn’t do the math for me. I also enjoy helping people when they come in. As time goes by, I am able to help more and more customers without asking Laura where something is or how much it costs. Through restocking the shelves and pricing so many things, I get up close and personal with items I didn’t even know existed and learn their location and purposes. I have also valued learning more about hardware, as the knowledge will definitely be helpful for when I start building my house. And I’ll know where to find it! For those of you that don’t know, this “hardware” store’s motto is “Anything Practical, Practically Anything” and it’s true. I grew up thinking that all hardware stores sold ice cream because of Ashfield Hardware. So I’m learning about all kinds of things besides hardware too.

I spend my other two work days caring for an elderly woman (“Kick-Ass elder” as she likes to call herself) in Shelburne Falls. I help her stay organized and listen to her stories of which she has many. I’ve enjoyed hearing her ideas and working to understand her patterns and outlook on life.

While I’m not learning and making money, I spend a lot of time browsing the internet looking for reclaimed materials and working on my crowd-source website. Check up on that link from this home page! I also reconnected with Erich Kruger from Deconstruction Works and bought 66 square feet of floor boards from him for my lofts. It was a great deal – better than I’m going to find almost anywhere – and the boards even came with valuable advice on how to clean, install, and stand them (by word of mouth from Erich himself before we drove away).

Still looking for lots of materials! Please let me know if you have good double pane windows, plywood, left over housewrap, or anything else you are not going to use and think I might be interested in!!

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