It’s a House!!! Almost…

Get ready everyone because this month has been SO exciting!!!

I guess I’ll start with the things I’m still looking for because I totally forgot about that in the last post or two. Here’s what I wrote in a previous post:

I really really want this cook stove/ oven/ range called the origo 6000, but it’s super expensive so I’m hoping to find one that is used but in good condition. It’s usually used in boats and runs on alcohol so no fossil fuels!! And it’s small. So if you come across one while you’re surfing craigslist or something… please let me know!!!

Two windows! 32″ wide x 48″ tall, give or take about 1/2″. Double hung, in good condition, with screens preferably, open easily, double pane.

So a lot of what happened this month was a LOT of sheathing. As soon as it started being over 40 degrees, I whipped out the wood glue and got to work! My good friend CJ came for a couple of days and helped a lot. I had a bit of trouble with the router bit falling apart but we seem to have fixed that problem. I think that the plywood window cut out was falling down on the bit when I finished cutting, therefore pulling apart and damaging the bit. The first window that happened on we were kinda confused and had to set the router aside and use the circular saw and then a hand saw. Here are some pictures of us sheathing and routing out the windows and the walls:

iphone everything 1135

iphone everything 1249

iphone everything 1252

iphone everything 1253

iphone everything 1136

iphone everything 1142

iphone everything 1275

iphone everything 1280

iphone everything 1284

iphone everything 1286

iphone everything 1291

iphone everything 1144

iphone everything 1581

iphone everything 1583

iphone everything 1587

iphone everything 1588

Before we put the plywood on, we had to make sure the walls were nice and square. That means measuring the diagonals to see if they’re the same, and if they’re not, hitting one end of the top of the wall to fix it. Some walls were harder than others and Dad ended up getting a slightly heaftier tool to do the job:

iphone everything 1577

Miette came and helped for a bit too!

iphone everything 1294

While CJ was here, Mom and I did our annual polar bear swim! Sometimes we are able to go in as early as early March, but this was mid-April! It was a really warm day and felt even warmer when we jumped out of the icy water.

iphone everything 1254

iphone everything 1256

iphone everything 1262

iphone everything 1268

When we’d finished sheathing the long walls, dad stood the wall up while I traced around the wheel well. Then we laid it back down and I cut it out with a jigsaw.

iphone everything 1245

Dad and I tried to put up the first long wall and then realized that there were boards sticking out from the upstairs of the barn trapped under some old theater stuff. So we had to prop up the heavy wall while we moved the boards out. I suppose we could have just put the wall down again, but that might have actually been more work.

iphone everything 1240

iphone everything 1243

iphone everything 1234

iphone everything 1238

And then! My friend Mollie came over and helped us put up the two long walls! Mom helped too and we really wouldn’t have able to do it without four people. It was challenging fitting the two halves of the first long wall together, but it was realllly hard to fit the second long wall together properly. The place where they had to fit together could have been better planned out, I think. They just had to go over under and around each other all at the same time. We did a lot of levering and hammering to make it work. It probably also would have been safer and easier with more people… but we were too excited to go find anyone else. And, obviously, we managed just fine!

iphone everything 1596

iphone everything 1597

iphone everything 1600

iphone everything 1609

iphone everything 1611

iphone everything 1613

iphone everything 1615

iphone everything 1616

iphone everything 1618

iphone everything 1622

iphone everything 1637

Mom decided to take a selfie:

iphone everything 1648

iphone everything 1655

The next morning before I had to go to work, Dad and I put up the first short wall which took a lot longer than I’d anticipated, but ended up fitting pretty nicely. Unfortunately, when we tried to get the last wall up (the other short one), we realized there was BARELY enough room at that end of the trailer and it was definitely not a piece of cake getting it up to where it needed to be. Again, we probably should’ve waited for Mom to get home so we had three people, but like I said… too excited :).

Before the first short wall went up, we insulated the corner posts:

iphone everything 1659

iphone everything 1661

iphone everything 1663

iphone everything 1664

iphone everything 1665

iphone everything 1667

iphone everything 1673

iphone everything 1674

So eventually we made it work and look! I have four walls up on the trailer and it finally looks like a house! I do realize I have a long way to go before it’s fully functional, but this feels like a big step. And I’m getting so much more done now that it’s warmish out that I have high hopes of a speedy spring/ summer build.

iphone everything 1676

iphone everything 1683

iphone everything 1691

iphone everything 1698

Lastly, I took a week off in mid-April and went to visit the west coast. I mainly went to visit Evergreen State College in Washington because it was my other choice of school besides Hampshire. But because I planned to be there for a week, I got to visit an old friend of my mom’s, Liz and her family, as well as a longer visit with one of my dad’s long time friends, Sarah, and her partner Bill. It was lovely to get to know some of my parent’s friends and be able to call them my own friends by the end of the visit. I had an incredible time and am very happy to say that I will now be going to Evergreen in the Fall! It still feels scary going so far from home, but I want to overcome that fear and spend some more time on the west coast. Here are a few pictures from my visits:

iphone everything 1299

iphone everything 1315

iphone everything 1337

iphone everything 1357

I saw a tiny house boat there too!!

iphone everything 1358

iphone everything 1359

iphone everything 1375

iphone everything 1388

iphone everything 1389

iphone everything 1395

iphone everything 1397

iphone everything 1409

iphone everything 1410

iphone everything 1412

iphone everything 1415

I’d never seen banana slugs before. Blehh.

iphone everything 1532

iphone everything 1561

iphone everything 1565

2 thoughts on “It’s a House!!! Almost…

  1. Hi Emi,
    Great to take a look at your blog this evening and see how things are coming along. hoping we can get out there again to help out,especially Julian. what great progress you have made. Let’s be in touch.

    1. Great to hear from you, Nina! I’d love to have Julian here to help again and Roy/ anyone else who wants to come.

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